Hindsight is 2020


I feel betrayed and

mocked by my shortsightedness

rosy never existed

our world

at war with an invisible foe

front line warriors essential

unmasked and exposed

desperate for a truce

March became sober

olympians became mortal

sin city dropped to its knees

the golden state taking the first sip

the apple was cored

the boot kicked closed its doors

our world united

by staying apart

yet another war brewing

zooming into our flaws

unmuting our souls

life choking us from all sides

we gasp for air

unable to breathe

we all need to breathe

yet here we are

still trying to define all

i’m ready for this to be over

after all

hindsight is 2020


Be safe everyone



Deborah Abdulla

Deborah Abdulla

Artist, poet, photographer, mom, grandma and g-ma. Love playgrounds, legos, reading stories and doing skits. Will move mountains to be close to those I 💜